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On a cold winter's eve I like to put on a warm sweater and curl up on the couch in front of a good Liza Monelli or Barbara Streisand movie. I cry every time! I like to keep in shape, as you might have guessed and Karate is my way of doing that. I teach Yoga also, and boy let me tell you that livens up your sex life!

I like to keep a low profile when I'm in a club. I don't know I'm just not a "show-off". I like quiet discussions at the bar and a little flirting of course. Some days I like letting letting myself go, I'll binge on pizzas and other junk food for like 3 days straight then punish myself in the gym! Nothing beats a good work-out, well except maybe a great night of sex! But I love working up a sweat and then taking a hot shower!